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Get Complete Technical Analysis & Forecasts Instantly on your charts!

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Forex, Crypto ...


  • 36 Forex charts

  • 175+ Crypto charts

  • 8 Stock Indices

  • 8 Currency Indices

  • Gold, Silver, Oil & Gas

Get Complete Technical Analysis & Forecasts Instantly on your charts!

Forecast Follow displays
all the Technical lines you need
on your charts
with the help of the
4Cast-Machine AI
as well as the ultimate oversight of our 
Technical and Fundamental analysis teams.

AI Generated Forex & Crypto Forecast Service

More than 100,000
Technical Analysis & Trading Ideas are updated daily.

Track record pip Profit from 2015 in FOREX

FOREX charts & counting

CRYPTO charts & counting



Forecast-Follow draws
everything you need to succeed
on your MetaTrader.

BUY or SELL Zone, PROFIT & Reverse Zone

Forecast-Follow software draws Buy Zone, Sell Zone, Profit Zone & Reverse Zone directly on your charts.

Price Bias

4Cast-Machine forecast Bullish or Bearish price bias for All important time frames.

Uptrend, Downtrend, Channels

Uptrend and Downtrend lines and price channels


Important Fibonacci retracements and expansion lines

Double / Triple Top and Bottom

Advance RSI

The only source for Advance Intelligent RSI analysis.

Supports & Resistances

4Cast-Machine calculates 10 important Support and Resistance lines, and Forecast-Follow instantly draws these lines on your chart.

Best Price Action Patterns

Hammer & Shooting Star are the most successful Price Action Patterns & 4Cast-Machine finds the best ones for you!


The Divergence between price and RSI Indicator

Flag, Triangle, Wedge & ...

AI Pattern recognition for Flag, Triangle, Wedge & …

Head & Shoulders

Price Peaks & Valleys

Open a
in your
Trading Life

86% + Accuracy

Don’t leave it to chance.

LET us & our powerful, intelligent software DO
the Hard-Work for you!

Most experienced Traders and Technical Analysts from 15 countries ...

We have gathered the most experienced traders and technical analysts from 15 countries on As a result, we profit from all Forex, Crypto, Stock, Gold, Silver, Oil, and Gas trading opportunities.
Although we have a team of fundamental analysts with us, one of the most important reasons for our success is using 4Cast-Machine AI & Forecast-Follow software.

4Cast-Machine, Most Advanced Intelligent Technical Analysis software ...

4Cast-Machine software is the most advanced intelligent technical analysis software in the world.
This artificial intelligence software with very advanced machine learning algorithms learns from the market daily and corrects its mistakes. In this way, it makes better forecasts over time.
4Cast-Machine AI has been learning since 2007 and has provided forecasts with over 86% accuracy for years.

4Cast-Machine software & Our advanced Technical Analysis Team ...

All forecasts from the Monthly time frame up to 5-minutes are generated by 4Cast-Machine AI software. Our advanced Technical Analysis Team then reviews the forecasts from the Monthly to one-hour time frame carefully.
So, the forecasts you get in the 30-minute, 15-minute, and 5-minute timeframes are entirely generated by 4Cast-Machine AI.

What does Forecast-Follow do for you?

With Forecast-Follow, you can follow all our forecasts in your MetaTrader.

From now on, you can get all our forecasts for all time frames from monthly to 5-minutes instantly.

Forecast-Follow shows all
BINANCE Crypto charts
on your MetaTrader!



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