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Download & Install

to Get Complete Technical Analysis & Forecasts Instantly on your MetaTrader!

Easy installation:

Download the plugin file and double-click the file to execute it. A simple wizard guides you through the process.
The Installer file can easily install Forecast Follow on all your MetaTraders.

Step-by-step instruction

1- First, click on the “Download Installer” file and download the

2- By running this file, you will see the following window. Click on “Next”.


3- Enter your account info on the website in this form. A subscription is required for using the ForecastFollow EA.
If you have already subscribed, please enter your registered ForecastCity email or username and password in the form below. Otherwise, please click on this link to subscribe:


4- This step displays the list of all MetaTraders installed on your computer. ForecastFollow software will be installed on all these MetaTraders.


5. Clicking “Install” will start the installation automatically.


6- As simple as that, ForecastFollow software is installed on all your MetaTraders.

Professional installation:

If you are professional and have experience installing MetaTrader experts, you can copy Forecast Follow files in your MetaTrader folders like all other experts.

Step-by-step instruction

1. Look for the MetaTrader4 “Data Folder“. Open MetaTrader and Click on “File” and then “Open Data Folder“.

2. Click on the “Download Zip file” file and download the:


3. Extract Zip file. Copy these three folders and paste to your MetaTrader “Data Folder“.
A window requesting admin permission may appear; if so, just click Continue.
4. Close and reopen MeteTrader.
Registration of MetaTrader accounts:

Installing Forecast Follow software on MetaTrader is not enough to run it. You have to register your MetaTrader account number at ForecastCity. Click here for step-by-step instruction.

Metatrader4 Account Registration
Using “Forecast Follow” is limited to 3 MetraTrader accounts that need to be registered in your profile at ForecastCity. Therefore if you are not a subscriber Sign up for a user account or if you already subscribed login and go to My Account.

To add your MT4 account number to the profile click “Edit”. 

At the bottom of the page, find “Account Numbers” field. Fill in your Metatrader4 Account Numbers in digits then click “Save”.


  • No matter which MT4 account type (Demo or Real), just account numbers should be correct!
  • No matter which broker is providing the account, just account numbers should be correct!
  • You may change the account numbers anytime you wish.
  • If you have not signed up for an account with Forecast City, please subscribe for free.
  • To access your Panel, you must first Login.


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